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Politicians Known To Have Asthma and How Do They Manage | Exercise and Nebulizer

Unknown to the majority, many politicians are suffering from asthmatic conditions. The list includes Bill Clinton, Calvin Coolidge, Benjamin Disraeli, Che Guevara, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and John F. Kennedy are just a few of the many politicians who are known to be living with asthma.

Being asthmatic didn’t stop these known men to run for the political office. The questions is how did they manage with a lifelong condition? There are many ways to manage asthma. One is regular medication (salbutamol, inhalers, and nebulizer. The latest portable nebulizer machine) and healthy lifestyle which includes clean environment, good diet, and regular exercise.

Exercise to improve breathing

Targeted exercise improves lung function and reduces the risk of having an asthma attack. It lifts the mood and increases the general condition. Trained asthmatics usually get by with fewer medications.

Experts advise asthmatics to have an active everyday life and consider sport to be an important component of therapy. Many sports medicine studies prove the positive effects of physical activity: With targeted training, you can also increase your lung volume and train your auxiliary breathing muscles. Relaxation units help to reduce stress and to deal with stressful situations in a more relaxed manner. This will give you a better grip on your asthma.

Top athletes with asthma

The speed skaters Anni Friesinger-Postma and Claudia Pechstein, the cycling professional Jan Ullrich and the swimmer Sandra Völker – they all show that it is possible to play in the top league and even win Olympic medals even with a chronic disease such as bronchial asthma win.

The successful athletes swear by good asthma control. They use the asthma medication prescribed for them consistently and integrate particularly long warm-up and warm-up phases into their training plan.

Around seven to eight percent of all competitive athletes in Germany are asthmatics – in the total population, the proportion is only around five percent. Sports physicians suspect that, for example, cold winter sports or swimming in chlorinated water can trigger the asthmatic symptoms in the first place. The best tip for amateur athletes is therefore: exercise under pleasant conditions and moderately.

In advance: health check at the doctor

Your doctor knows your state of health and can also do an individual stress test with you. This is how it determines your optimal training heart rate and your individual resilience. Together you put together a medication plan for training: It usually makes sense to inhale a bronchodilator medication before each workout.

You can also discuss with your doctor which sports are suitable for you. In general, endurance sports such as walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming are recommended. Moving relaxation techniques such as yoga or tai chi chuan also help to deepen breathing and to remain more relaxed in stressful situations.


What Have Happened to the Betas?

Every four years, the same argument is made: there are just too few scientists in the House of Representatives. Although, if politics is really too important to be left solely to the humanities and social sciences, why do so few engineers attend The Hague?

For several years, the number of MPs with technical backgrounds has been extremely low. Only just few MPs have completed a course at one of the technical universities or a technical college.

It’s absolutely empty in the cabinet. There is no science left in Course K after the resignation of Delft alumnus Eric Wiebes, who was previously Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate.


The probability of an increase in the number of engineers and other scientists after the upcoming parliamentary elections is nil. The betas are present, but only a portion of them are in a position to be considered.

Of course, the question is to what extent is negative thing. Scientists have many talents, but they are not really stronger politicians than the many gamma scientists that currently make up the majority of the House, ranging from public officials to political scientists and from lawyers to economists.


Technology plays an important role in each of the major tasks facing the coming cabinet. Energy transition, mobility, nitrogen: almost without exception, those who decide on it in The Hague are not specialists.

According to PvdA candidate Joris Thijssen ‘A Member of Parliament needs knowledge, so my technical education is in the right place.’

But it is even more important that members of parliament bring a passion for their profession. You have to get out of bed with a smile every day to do your best for the country again. ‘


Technology may not play a major role in the all-predominant corona file, but the abundance of calculations, models and graphs that may or may not be smoothing has reminded us of the fact that not all politicians automatically have the same degree of understanding of numbers. Relative and absolute numbers are used interchangeably and what exactly exponential growth is must also be recalculated over and over again.

Facts and figures no longer make much of an impression in politics. Beta politicians can probably read corona statistics better than many epidemiologists, but because they are now politicians, that professional knowledge is no longer relevant. Member of Parliament Eppo Bruins describes this shared feeling among engineer MPs as follows: ‘Even if I’m right, I don’t always get it.’


In the meantime, politics is too important to leave it to alphas and gamma’s, as Paul van Meenen describes it. Not only because all noises from society must also resonate in political The Hague, so also the voice of the technically educated.

But precisely because today’s issues are so complex. The climate issue requires knowledge of the latest technology. This is no different for the nitrogen problem, as well as for privacy protection and dealing with ‘Big Tech‘. Should the almighty corporations be dealt with or not? The development of artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, nuclear energy or not, you name it. The files require substantive knowledge; political impetus alone is not enough.

Of course It’s important that we have an understanding of political issues in order to appreciate what’s going on in the moment we’re in; similarly, when looking at products, you need to know how it benefits you, such as ‘Unslider,’ because here you can be confidently know about the tech products you will be needing in the feature.


How to Be an Internet Developer: The Complete Guide

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, net developers’ job is projected to increase around 8 percent until 2029 ‒ that is 4 percent faster than the average increase rate for different jobs. If you are considering working as a web programmer, there is no better time than today to give it a shot.

This guide will discover how to be a web programmer. You are going to learn about what this project offers, required skills, and its own perks and you should also use flutter app templates to improve your skills. We’ll also answer frequently asked questions and supply all pertinent information you might have to make your mind up.

What Do Online Programmers Do?

An internet programmer creates sites using different programming languages. Their responsibilities include designing site designs and creating website performance to cater to customers’ needs.

Occasionally as soon as the job is completed, a web developer might be tasked with keeping website functionality, performing upgrades, and assessing for specialized difficulties. Since net development covers a wide Selection of places, the business divides it into three specializations:

Front-end web developer

They’re accountable for site design, performance, along with other client-side components. A front-end web programmer’s objective is to earn a site visually attractive and completely interactive.

Back-end web developer

They care for the site’s infrastructure and server-side components. A backend net developer ensures that a site performs optimally and contains all of the necessary back-end performance.

Full-stack web developer

They cover the abilities of front-end and back-end developers in addition to masters multiple programming languages. A full-stack programmer also needs to know business logic, hosting and community environments, and consumer experience.

Advantages of Being a Web Developer

In the same way as any other job, being an internet developer has its own perks. If you are still unsure if getting a web developer is the perfect option.

Good Salary

The normal web developer salary in the United States is currently $74,742 annually, using an hourly rate of $36. The greater skills and expertise that you have, the greater the salary speed.

Lots of Job Opportunities

With the increasing need for digitized information, folks consider a site necessary, especially for a business enterprise. This also contributes to an increased need for skilled web developers.

Flexible Work Environment

As an increasing number of businesses transition to work in the house (WFH), this project provides you an opportunity to work remotely and determine your working hours. All you will need is a notebook and a fantastic online connection.

Continuous Self-Improvement

Working in a few of those fastest-growing businesses enables you to always find new information, be creative, and enhance problem-solving abilities. This work ethic advantages both your career and life.

Plenty of chances for unwanted web developer jobs. Lots of occupation marketplaces, such as Upwork and Freelancer, provide freelance web programmer jobs. Apart from making extra cash, being a freelancer web developer enables you to acquire work experience considerably quicker.

Programmers normally have a higher average salary speed compared to front-end developers because of the greater amount of duties and necessary programming abilities. The identical reason applies to full-stack programmers – their range of work covers both back-end and front-end development with each other, requiring a much more innovative skill set. Nevertheless, most companies continue to be available for discussion. Particularly if you’re a professional, then that is up-to-date with the most recent in-demand programming languages and computer science technologies.


Patent your own Software

Are you a programmer and have programmed your own software using flutter app templates and you are now wondering how you can (leave) it? Is there a patent for software? Who is entitled to the software if it was created for the employer? What if open source elements have been implemented?

Various ways to protect software

Self-programmed software is intellectual property. This is protected by various laws. Thus, copyright protection is considered. In some cases, a patent for the software is possible. In addition, software can be protected by trademark and competition law. Last but not least, protection by means of contracts with licensees is also conceivable.

Copyright protection

Section 2 (1) No. 1 copyright law (UrhG) stipulates that computer programs may be protected works within the meaning of copyright. The prerequisite for this is that these are “personal spiritual creations”, Section 2 (2) of the UrhG. This means that a work must have a certain form. The mere idea of a program is not protected. It must also be a “creation”. This ensures that not every small programming immediately gains copyright protection.

Everything that is not trivial is protected.

The bar is thus set relatively low (so-called “small coin”). For example, in object-oriented programming, individual classes can already enjoy copyright protection. The great advantage of copyright protection is that it arises “automatically” (and accordingly free of charge) and does not have to be applied for first.

However, employees should be careful in the context in which they develop their own software. Paragraph 69 b of the UrhG provides that a computer program created by an employee in the performance of his duties or in accordance with the instructions of his employer is available for the sole economic exploitation of the employer. However, different items can be agreed in the employment contract.

Protection by patent law

In contrast to copyright, a patent is created through a formal application procedure, for example at the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA). This involves a considerable effort. In addition, the application for a patent is subject to a fee.

The subject-matter of protection is also different in the case of patents than in the case of copyright. All patents for inventions in the field of technology are granted, provided that they are new, are based on an inventive step and should be industrially applicable. “Programs for data processing equipment”.

Programming as such cannot therefore be patented. A computer program is at most patentable if it provides a technical contribution to the state of the art as a whole. This is the case if the software triggers a technical effect or directly controls data processing hardware.

Protection by trademark law

A simpler and more pragmatic way is to register a trade mark. This also costs money. However, registration is achieved relatively quickly and easily. In particular, the application for registration should be well thought out as to which goods or services the trade mark is to be registered for. In addition, there must be no absolute obstacles to protection (Section 8 of the Trademark Act). Before registering the trade mark, it is essential to carry out a trade mark search in order to check whether the registration may infringe existing trade marks.

In addition to trademark registration, the use of a software name may already give rise to a work title protection within the meaning of Section 5 (3) of the Trademark Act. The protection of the title of the works creates similar claims as in the case of a registered trademark (in particular omission and damages).

Protection through contractual design

All of the above protection mechanisms are in place without the software developer and the violator being in a contractual relationship. The developer (with the exception of the UWG claims) has so-called absolute rights, i.e. rights that can be asserted against anyone.

When distributing software, of course, it is also possible to include in the license agreements conditions, which are intended to protect the developer. These are usually accompanied by contractual penalties in the event of an infringement. When formulating such regulations, it is important to keep an eye on the general terms and conditions as this sometimes sets very narrow limits with regard to the admissibility of individual clauses. A GTC already exists if a pre-formulated clause is to be used several times by the user.