Politics and Minecraft Video Game

Video games have not only arrived in society but affect everyone from preschoolers to retirees.

Games do not arise in politically free space and therefore always communicate world views and common values. They just, in a sense, reproduce the world as you perceive it. In doing so, they confirm dominant worldviews. And you also internalize this when you play. One speaks of media socialization.

Politics and video games like Minecraft

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In the USA in particular, there is a strong overlap between popular culture and political discourse. But this also applies to many right-wing European political currents. Video games are not the only ones involved in the success of this narrative, which is as simple as it is unrealistic. Films and other media also help to consolidate a certain worldview. They also take it up because it is already successful. So it would be nonsense to blame video games for this. Video games in java minecraft servers play an increasingly important role in recent years.

In other words, computer games have become something of an ideological trailblazer.

After all, computer games do not reinvent these ideas. But in turn take on existing ideas, which media then process this. Certain scenarios through computer games mentally prepare people. This does not just apply to politics. For players of business simulations, it is perfectly natural that something has to be done more efficiently somewhere all the time.

Can computer games like Minecraft be used as a propaganda tool?

Players are particularly careful. For example, they distrust video games especially when it comes to historical content, even more than other media.

The so-called triple-A titles work in reverse. They test beforehand according to all the rules of the art what people like, what goes down well and what doesn’t. All edges are sanded away before publication. In the end, they therefore usually depict the prevailing worldview.

What do computer games like Minecraft say about the current political situation?

It is noticeable that a disproportionately high proportion of computer games are about conflicts. Cooperative games, in which something is created together, are unfortunately still the exception. You must bear in mind the fact that the big game developers around the world always have the American market in mind.