Portals Bring New Orleans Back Resources Culture Committee Report Attachment C

Despite having an updated system for storing documents and your staffs are using the best labelling system there is, still they might not be able to put things back in same spot. Don’t even think that they will go the extra mile of putting all documents in proper order as per their label.

It may Work… for Now

This is the exact same reason why considering a document handling solution as well as a document management system to store and organize your files digitally is so crucial. This way, you don’t have to feel worried of getting the outdated version of your document.

Entrepreneurs want their business approach to become as practical as possible. Ironically, they not like spending money on items that will make it a reality. You may have this old mindset of “if it is not broken, do not fix it”.

Well so far, following this mantra does well on you. Your organization has grown and flourished.

Why Wait?

On the other hand, since your department was able to attain management goal, the workload increases and now handling hundreds of different documents on a daily basis. Eventually, these documents started to fill your storage rooms and seeing mountains of paperwork day after day. So why wait for this to happen if you can prevent it early on by investing in a document handling solution?