Collecting Coin Master Free Spins – Video Games, Politics And Civic Life

Mobile games, as the term implies, are video games which are usually played on portable devices that is with or with no network availability, which includes mobile phones or smartphones, tablet, and other handheld game consoles.

Collect Coin Master Free Spins And Rewards

One mobile game that has become ubiquitous on social media is Coin Master. However, the game isn’t actually new as it was initially released back in 2010, 11 years ago. It once more gained traction when Moon Active, a mobile game company and developer of Coin Master, uploaded to YouTube a new prevue of it. The game was downloaded more than 100 million times, as of February 2021.

The aim of the mobile game is to win as much coins as possible so as to upgrade various items which in turn are used to build-up and upgrade your own Viking village as well as attack or raid other players’ villages. Every hour, the number of spins is only limited to seven, giving you seven attempts to win. In-game purchase is also available and possible where you could buy additional spins and other items. However, Coin Master free spins and other in-game rewards can also be redeemed through daily links provided by the developer, which you can find on their social media channels as well as on several websites, that gather all these links, making it easier for players to collect these free daily rewards.

When it comes to children playing the game, it is important for parents to decide to allow or disallow the children to play since the mobile game, in several ways and to a certain extent, simulates gambling as players need to regularly spin a virtual slot machine in order to win and collect coins and other game items. This would mean players would be spending a lot of time to spin the virtual slot machine.

Video Games, Politics and Civic Life

While mobile games and video games in general are played for the fun-factor, for entertainment and recreation, players may not realize that through their gameplay on certain video games, they are actually educated on and participating in politics and in civic life, where these games could encourage political change as well as where politics could inspire game developers to create meaningful games.

Several video games could essentially help players acquire and at the same practice significant civic-related and public life-related skills, such as critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, proper communication and empathy. Here are a few instances:

  • ANIMAL CROSSING:NEW HORIZONS. In the game, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, during their campaign for election, actually made their own islands with a virtual version of themselves, and encouraged other players to make a vote.
  • FORTNITE. Through this free-to-play survival game, a string of discussions on politics, racism in media, entertainment, and culture (We The People) were conducted. Van Jones of CNN hosted the program and featured several personalities, like journalists Jemele Hill and Elaine Welteroth, and musicians Lil Baby and Killer Mike.
  • AMONG US. Several politicians in the real world made use of this virtual world to engage people. U.S. Reps. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in 2020, played the game where it was streamed live on the gaming platform, Twitch. People were actually engaged as over 400,000 people viewed the game.