No Room For Dirty Politics During This Pandemic

During these uncertain times we do not want dirty politics and games. We are all experiencing difficult times and there’s and our priority is to survive and meet our day to day needs. Politics was a medium in which people expressed and identified themselves. However, politics now is used to define others moral character. Because of bad political decisions, rallies and protests are organizing to defy these decisions. People express their disapproval and objection towards these political decisions. Mass demonstrations are organized to voice out how the public feels.

The priority of every government around the world is how to deal with this ongoing public health problem and the economic crisis we are experiencing. We should learn to work together. It’s important that we learn the value of listening and communicating with each other. Our government officials should learn these traits as well. There is no room for pride. They should learn to work hand and hand to help stop this crisis. However, it is sad to note that political rifts are created even during these times. Different political parties argue on their respond to the pandemic. We shouldn’t be divided because of different political parties. We should all unite and work as one people. Despite our political differences we should learn to work together. We have to work towards a better world reaching common grounds during these uncertain times.

Union Minister Smriti Irani slams congress for dirty politics over COVID-19 crisis


Most of all we do not need useless politicians during these times. Many politicians are known for being corrupt and unbecoming. This is not want the public wants during this pandemic. It’s something unforgivable to do. For many politicians, this has been a routine. They are used to doing this. This has been a character of many politicians for ages. Because of the abuse of power, it continues even now. It is unforgiving if politicians will be doing this during these difficult times. It is a selfish act, but still many of them would not care.
Politicians should always prioritize the oath they took to serve the nation and not to fill their own pockets with the people’s money. They should embrace their position with dignity and compassion. Politicians should be the one serving the public. They should be models in our society whom people should admire and follow. Be more admirable by toning your body. Read more on: https://www.solbasium.com/products/massage-gun