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Nowadays, Americans are more cautious to talk about politics with everyone than talking about several other subjects including sports and weather. Basically, talking about weather condition is almost a universal topic and in fact, 95 percent of the general public says that they’ll be either very or somehow comfortable discussing this topic with someone they do not know very much.

Why these Topics are Reserved?

Most also say that they’d be somewhat or very comfortable talking topics like TV and movies, sports and the economy than politics itself.

So what is it with politics that made people less comfortable with politics and religion? All in all, 55 percent said that they feel a bit comfortable talking about former US president Trump to someone they not entirely know. The same goes with religion.

Personal Preference

As a matter of fact, discussions about politics ranked lower on the comfort list of the public. Around 17 percent says that they are very comfortable discussing politics with someone that they barely know and 35 percent stated say that they’d feel a bit comfortable. Partisans also expressed the same level of comfort talking about weather, entertainment and sports but, Republicans are likely compared to Democrats saying they’re comfortable talking about religion, economy and Donald Trump.