Be Careful When Making Prankdial

Bored to tears? Want to have bit of laugh? Making a prankdial or prank call might just be the fun that will lift your boredom. To put it simply, a prankdial, better known as prank call, is mischievous or playful phone call intended to trick or annoy the receiver of the call. If done the proper way, prank call s can be funny and give a good laugh.

A prank call is a practical joke that can really be hilarious. However, if you aren’t careful about this trick, you may get yourself into trouble with the law and may even get arrested. Yes, there are laws that involve prank calls which could lead to you getting arrested. Harassment is most likely the criminal law that will apply in terms of making prank calls. But, depending on the area you live in, other laws apply to prank calls such as wiretapping, disorderly conduct, and also hate crimes. Hence, when you decide to prank call someone, make certain it is wholesome and that you aren’t rude or cause any distress to the receiver.

Prank Calls – Don’t Ge Yourself Into Trouble

With that, let’s have a look at some of the ways this practical joke could possibly get you into trouble and/or arrested:

  • HARASSMENT. When prank calling, you should know where to draw the line between being funny and causing harassing, unlawful prank calls. Generally, it may not be illegal to phone somebody late at night only to say something senseless or stupid. But, if you begin to call multiple times in a day, or make aggressive and threatening statements, then you might be in violation of the law.
  • DISORDERLY CONDUCT. In numerous states, disorderly conduct involves the use of abusive, rude or offensive language that is intentional in order to provoke or stir anger and ire in others. In terms of prank calls, they can constitute to disorderly conduct. Just like harassment, the phone call usually has to be more serious, such as verbal abuse as well as other belittling conduct, than a simple senseless practical joke.
  • WIRETAPPING. In numerous sates, it is unlawful to make a recording of any phone conversations especially if no consent is given by the other party. However, many people, teens in particular, aren’t aware of this that they record the prank call to hopefully record some funny conversation and be able to share it with other people. It is important to know that recording any phone conversation may tantamount to a felony.

Bottom Line

Prank calls can be funny. However, make certain that you know your limitations when making a prank call so as not to cause others distress, harm or anger as well as not get yourself into trouble with law or be arrested.


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