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Be Careful When Making Prankdial

Bored to tears? Want to have bit of laugh? Making a prankdial or prank call might just be the fun that will lift your boredom. To put it simply, a prankdial, better known as prank call, is mischievous or playful phone call intended to trick or annoy the receiver of the call. If done the proper way, prank call s can be funny and give a good laugh.

A prank call is a practical joke that can really be hilarious. However, if you aren’t careful about this trick, you may get yourself into trouble with the law and may even get arrested. Yes, there are laws that involve prank calls which could lead to you getting arrested. Harassment is most likely the criminal law that will apply in terms of making prank calls. But, depending on the area you live in, other laws apply to prank calls such as wiretapping, disorderly conduct, and also hate crimes. Hence, when you decide to prank call someone, make certain it is wholesome and that you aren’t rude or cause any distress to the receiver.

Prank Calls – Don’t Ge Yourself Into Trouble

With that, let’s have a look at some of the ways this practical joke could possibly get you into trouble and/or arrested:

  • HARASSMENT. When prank calling, you should know where to draw the line between being funny and causing harassing, unlawful prank calls. Generally, it may not be illegal to phone somebody late at night only to say something senseless or stupid. But, if you begin to call multiple times in a day, or make aggressive and threatening statements, then you might be in violation of the law.
  • DISORDERLY CONDUCT. In numerous states, disorderly conduct involves the use of abusive, rude or offensive language that is intentional in order to provoke or stir anger and ire in others. In terms of prank calls, they can constitute to disorderly conduct. Just like harassment, the phone call usually has to be more serious, such as verbal abuse as well as other belittling conduct, than a simple senseless practical joke.
  • WIRETAPPING. In numerous sates, it is unlawful to make a recording of any phone conversations especially if no consent is given by the other party. However, many people, teens in particular, aren’t aware of this that they record the prank call to hopefully record some funny conversation and be able to share it with other people. It is important to know that recording any phone conversation may tantamount to a felony.

Bottom Line

Prank calls can be funny. However, make certain that you know your limitations when making a prank call so as not to cause others distress, harm or anger as well as not get yourself into trouble with law or be arrested.


No Room For Dirty Politics During This Pandemic

During these uncertain times we do not want dirty politics and games. We are all experiencing difficult times and there’s and our priority is to survive and meet our day to day needs. Politics was a medium in which people expressed and identified themselves. However, politics now is used to define others moral character. Because of bad political decisions, rallies and protests are organizing to defy these decisions. People express their disapproval and objection towards these political decisions. Mass demonstrations are organized to voice out how the public feels.

The priority of every government around the world is how to deal with this ongoing public health problem and the economic crisis we are experiencing. We should learn to work together. It’s important that we learn the value of listening and communicating with each other. Our government officials should learn these traits as well. There is no room for pride. They should learn to work hand and hand to help stop this crisis. However, it is sad to note that political rifts are created even during these times. Different political parties argue on their respond to the pandemic. We shouldn’t be divided because of different political parties. We should all unite and work as one people. Despite our political differences we should learn to work together. We have to work towards a better world reaching common grounds during these uncertain times.

Union Minister Smriti Irani slams congress for dirty politics over COVID-19 crisis

Most of all we do not need useless politicians during these times. Many politicians are known for being corrupt and unbecoming. This is not want the public wants during this pandemic. It’s something unforgivable to do. For many politicians, this has been a routine. They are used to doing this. This has been a character of many politicians for ages. Because of the abuse of power, it continues even now. It is unforgiving if politicians will be doing this during these difficult times. It is a selfish act, but still many of them would not care.
Politicians should always prioritize the oath they took to serve the nation and not to fill their own pockets with the people’s money. They should embrace their position with dignity and compassion. Politicians should be the one serving the public. They should be models in our society whom people should admire and follow. Be more admirable by toning your body. Read more on:



Understanding The Process of Impeachment?

The trending news circulating now is the impeachment of President Donald Trump

The US Constitution allows the Congress to oust a president before their term. The Congress would vote and determine if the incumbent President committed one of the following acts like, treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors. They see impeachment as a political rather than a legal process. And politics play a vital role in its congressional decision when it comes to impeaching a political leader.

In the United States a total of three presidents have already been impeached. President Andrew Johnson in the year 1868, Bill Clinton in 1998 and the latest, President Donald Trump, year 2020.  President has been first impeached because he was charged to abuse his power and obstruction of Congress. His second impeachment were based on the charges of incitement of insurrection. The two earlier presidents were acquitted and finished their terms as the highest political leader in America.  Donald Trump was the first ever US President was the first one to be impeached twice during his term. One US President, Richard M. Nixon resigned from his position to avoid being impeached.

Donald Trump impeached for inciting insurrection – BBC News

The term high crimes were adopted from a common law of the British tradition. This was based on the act of removing crowned officials who abuses their power. This was practiced for centuries.

When the three presidents were impeached, The Committee, The House Judiciary, responsible in carrying out the process investigates and recommends the articles of impeachment which will be presented to the full House.

The full House then casts their votes on the Articles of Impeachment. If at least one of the articles gets a majority vote the president will then be impeached. This is typically the same from being indicted.

The next process is when the proceedings is advanced to the Senate in which a trial is done which is overseen by the Chief Justice of the United States of America. A team of lawmakers coming from the House, take their role as prosecutors. They are also called Managers. The senate votes and if at least two thirds of the senators find the president guilty of the crime, he will be removed from office and Vice president automatically becomes the president. No appeal can be made. The news on Donald Trump’s impeachment are all over YouTube. Be sure to download an ad blocking app when watching videos. Learn more:



Your Office needs a Good Kitchen Design

Innovative and innovative businesses pay particular attention to the interior layout of the office spaces. They are aware that a stimulating environment contributes to inspired, engaged and, finally, more productive workers.

Everybody should have a rest from work. These trips can be relaxing and relaxing whether there’s a designated shared kitchen, or even bistro, which can be designed particularly to benefit and ease your workers.

Keep in mind a few factors when planning your workplace masterpiece:

Workflow: Consider how your workers will use the room. Are they cooking and preparing meals? There’s a natural method to self-serve meals of cooking, preparation, serving, then cleansing. As soon as you understand the prerequisites, you may begin to plan fittings and design (the upcoming factors, continue reading).

If they’ll be storing meals, you might need a couple of refrigerators. You will probably require a few microwaves but added cooking appliances may incorporate a stove, toaster, toaster and coffee maker. And remember a dishwasher for cleaning up; you will need two based on the quantity of dirty dishes in order that they do not wind up on the counters or at the sink. Make a decision as to what appliances you’ll need and what size each ought to be you can work them in the design.

Design : Now you have a listing of appliances, you are able to design a floor plan which takes the essential appliances under account. You’ll have to plan to get a sink and might have to enhance your appliance list if space does not allow for whatever that you wish to match in. You also should think about how much dining room it is possible to supply also. It is truly a balancing act to find out the ideal allotment of dining and kitchen room.

Cabinets and Furniture: Time to consider lighting, counter area, chairs, dining surfaces, cabinets and drawers. The light ought to be clear over the food prep area at least, however, you most likely need to maintain the entire area bright in order that break time does not turn into nap time. Check for good quality appliances.

Decoration: Ultimately, you are able to polish off the space and add some design. Given the flexibility of this workplace kitchen, it is a fantastic chance to incorporate your brand to the decoration or decorate your company culture with a exceptional theme and layout.

The inside layout attempts on your office kitchen may pay off in dividends. It is a break time collecting location, an after work hangout, along with a practical area to eat dinner. It helps foster community among your employees and may be utilized as a”city hall” meeting place or impromptu workgroup area. Think about getting your workers engaged with the designing procedure; it’s an excellent chance to receive them call with a physical addition to their job environment.

1 thing is sure: workers expect their office to facilitate their requirements beyond their desk and also be conducive to both social and work growth. Rethinking your workplace interior layout is a excellent way to demonstrate you know.


Political fashion: Fabulous Dou

Do you wonder what politics and fashion have to do with each other? Much more than you think! You can use an internet downloader for videos you want to see regarding fashion and politics.

Politics and fashion: now it’s getting colorful!

When politics find their way into fashion, things usually get colorful: a red T-shirt with the portrait of Che Guevara printed on it. The green-yellow-red wrist warmer for a hat with a hemp leaf and around her neck a pink Palestinian scarf. Fashion and politics make a fabulous duo.

Fashion in politics

At first glance, the two terms politics and fashion seem to have nothing to do with each other. But far from it! Angela Merkel gets the right outfit for every appearance with good reason, and the scarf with the black diced pattern around our neck is originally much more than just stylish. However, many are no longer at all aware of the meaning of their clothing and all the symbols that you carry around on and with you. However, this has not always been the case.

Fashion and Politics in History

Empress Eugénie de Montijo, for example, France’s last monarch, knew very well how important and, above all, what influence the clothes she had worn on politics. “Mes robes politiques” is what Eugénie called the silk dresses she used to advertise Lyon’s silk industry. And again in France, this time at the time of the First French Revolution, a headgear achieved political fame: the bright red Jacobin cap. Those who wore them clearly demonstrated that they belonged to those radical freedom fighters who forced the king to put on the red cap on June 20, 1792.

In the last few decades, fashion has become mostly political when people think of their wanting to express protest against something or someone or their membership in a certain group. Che Guevara’s portrait, which adorns countless T-shirts, was once the symbol of leftist independence and liberation movements.

Political Fashion: A Cultural Phenomenon

In recent years, the once explosive duo of fashion and politics has become a thoroughly cultural phenomenon that addresses your need for individuality as well as togetherness and identification.

The common interest in a certain genre of music, which in turn affects your style, unites you on the one hand and lets you believe in your own individuality on the other.