Author: Fabrice Sanschagrin


One’s Political Views And Relocating

There are different reasons why people decide to relocate. Some of the common ones include better job opportunities, closer distance to family or friends, and the want to start anew. On the other hand, among the uncommon reasons include having to do with one’s political views.

When it comes to political views and affiliation, it is less likely for Republicans and Democrats to live close to each other compared to generations ago. Bill Bishop, a journalist, wrote about this political segregation in his book entitled “The Big Sort,” suggesting that in the US, Americans are increasingly choosing to relocate to places where their neighbors have the same political views as them.

This, however, isn’t deliberate since gathered data suggests that people look for certain features when choosing a community to relocate to. These may be art galleries, thrift shops, indie coffee shops, or big box stores. It just happens that these features are what other conservatives or liberals like or enjoy as well. This argument is according to JP Prims, visiting lecturer of the University of Illinois from the department of psychology.

Ease the Stress of Moving, Hire an Expert Mover 

Regardless of the reason why people relocate, expect to have so much on your plate. Although you will eventually get the job done and move into your new place, you may find some of the demands of moving difficult to swallow as there are certain tasks that are better left to professionals. 

For instance, heavy, bulky furniture need to be transported. If you want to ensure each one of them reach the destination safely and free from damages, it is best to hire the services of a professional moving company or house removal firm.

In London, you can find an expert house removal company to aid you in your move. Not only will they transport your furniture and appliances securely and safely, but also dissemble them for the move and reassemble them in your new property.

Apart from heavy lifting and transportation, they too offer packing and unpacking services as an add on and/or as part of their all-inclusive package service. With this service, you lessen even more the stress of packing and unpacking all your belongings.

So as to find a reliable house removal company in London, doing your research is a must so you can make a comparison of all your possible choices. By filling in a form to provide details about your move, you will be matched to up to four movers in the area, narrowing down your search and making it much easier for you to make a comparison of the services and cost of their services. 

With their experience and know-hows about the ins and outs of moving, you will surely have a smooth and excellent overall moving experience.


Collecting Coin Master Free Spins – Video Games, Politics And Civic Life

Mobile games, as the term implies, are video games which are usually played on portable devices that is with or with no network availability, which includes mobile phones or smartphones, tablet, and other handheld game consoles.

Collect Coin Master Free Spins And Rewards

One mobile game that has become ubiquitous on social media is Coin Master. However, the game isn’t actually new as it was initially released back in 2010, 11 years ago. It once more gained traction when Moon Active, a mobile game company and developer of Coin Master, uploaded to YouTube a new prevue of it. The game was downloaded more than 100 million times, as of February 2021.

The aim of the mobile game is to win as much coins as possible so as to upgrade various items which in turn are used to build-up and upgrade your own Viking village as well as attack or raid other players’ villages. Every hour, the number of spins is only limited to seven, giving you seven attempts to win. In-game purchase is also available and possible where you could buy additional spins and other items. However, Coin Master free spins and other in-game rewards can also be redeemed through daily links provided by the developer, which you can find on their social media channels as well as on several websites, that gather all these links, making it easier for players to collect these free daily rewards.

When it comes to children playing the game, it is important for parents to decide to allow or disallow the children to play since the mobile game, in several ways and to a certain extent, simulates gambling as players need to regularly spin a virtual slot machine in order to win and collect coins and other game items. This would mean players would be spending a lot of time to spin the virtual slot machine.

Video Games, Politics and Civic Life

While mobile games and video games in general are played for the fun-factor, for entertainment and recreation, players may not realize that through their gameplay on certain video games, they are actually educated on and participating in politics and in civic life, where these games could encourage political change as well as where politics could inspire game developers to create meaningful games.

Several video games could essentially help players acquire and at the same practice significant civic-related and public life-related skills, such as critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, proper communication and empathy. Here are a few instances:

  • ANIMAL CROSSING:NEW HORIZONS. In the game, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, during their campaign for election, actually made their own islands with a virtual version of themselves, and encouraged other players to make a vote.
  • FORTNITE. Through this free-to-play survival game, a string of discussions on politics, racism in media, entertainment, and culture (We The People) were conducted. Van Jones of CNN hosted the program and featured several personalities, like journalists Jemele Hill and Elaine Welteroth, and musicians Lil Baby and Killer Mike.
  • AMONG US. Several politicians in the real world made use of this virtual world to engage people. U.S. Reps. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in 2020, played the game where it was streamed live on the gaming platform, Twitch. People were actually engaged as over 400,000 people viewed the game.


Physical Work Environment In Government Agencies Matters To Recruit And Retain Young Talents – Transform A Space With Interior Painting Minnesota

When it comes to interior design, there are numerous things that you could do to personalize the space, give it an easy or complete makeover, and increase its overall appeal. Painting the interior is one and it is a simple and inexpensive way to the space an upgrade.

Interior Painting Minnesota – Quality Workmanship And Results

While you can take on the paint job yourself, there are more gains to hiring a professional painter in your area. One is that they have the proper professional-grade painting tools, which they clearly needed to learn how to correctly and effectively use along with the right painting process and techniques, to compete and pull off a perfectly even and smooth paint job.

JMJ Painters offer professional interior painting Minnesota. Not only do they provide expert quality workmanship with great accuracy and attention to detail, but also make use of paints of the highest quality as well as make certain that the surface receives the proper pre-painting perp work for the paint to last longer than expected.

It also worth noting that they adhere to the standards of the Painting Contractors Association (PCA) and are members of various painting organizations in both the local and the national levels which means they continuously work on their trade to safely and professionally provide all their clients quality service, workmanship and results without fail. So, if you’re looking for quality interior painting Minnesota, don’t hesitate to contact JMJ Painters to find out more about the services they provide and schedule your estimate for free.

Interior Work Environments In Government Agencies Matters To Recruit And Retain Employees

Apart from making a space more pleasing to the eyes and evoking that feeling of being welcomed, interior and exterior paint give surfaces a protective layer which helps in withstanding and delaying the process of wear and tear and the damaging effects of the changing and extreme conditions of the weather.

As mentioned, a fresh coat of paint can significantly enhance and transform the interior which is important as the visual appearance of your home can affect your mental wellbeing. This is similar to where you work. As one’s mental wellbeing is affected, work productivity is also influenced which flows down to work output. Hence, the physical work environment has a weighty effect on the performance of workers as well as on their decision to remain in that company or not.

In many government agencies, recruiting and retaining staff is a top priority as 45.6 is now the median age of a government employee. In fact, US President Joe Biden is 78 years old making him the oldest person in the history of the United States to assume the presidency when inaugurated on January 20, 2021. Even the age of members of the US Congress has steadily become older with its median age now at about 60.

This is why a lot of government agencies aim to update and modernize all of their operations and facilities as well as improve the visual appeal of the workplace as an initiative to catch the attention and interest of younger talents who will be continuously trained to eventually take over a workforce that is quickly retiring. 

According to a survey, 37% of job aspirants will accept a role with a lower pay rate as long as the hiring company provides attractive and likeable work culture, technology, and facilities, making the physical workplace all the more important and relevant. With a pleasing and agreeable interior work environment, the workspace is revitalized and modified to meet the exact needs for effective collaboration, flexibility, and decision-making. Furthermore, as government employees spend a considerable length of time inside the workplace, maintaining an agreeable work environment will surely have a positive effect on the employees’ mental well-being fostering increased productivity and better work performance.



Be Careful When Making Prankdial

Bored to tears? Want to have bit of laugh? Making a prankdial or prank call might just be the fun that will lift your boredom. To put it simply, a prankdial, better known as prank call, is mischievous or playful phone call intended to trick or annoy the receiver of the call. If done the proper way, prank call s can be funny and give a good laugh.

A prank call is a practical joke that can really be hilarious. However, if you aren’t careful about this trick, you may get yourself into trouble with the law and may even get arrested. Yes, there are laws that involve prank calls which could lead to you getting arrested. Harassment is most likely the criminal law that will apply in terms of making prank calls. But, depending on the area you live in, other laws apply to prank calls such as wiretapping, disorderly conduct, and also hate crimes. Hence, when you decide to prank call someone, make certain it is wholesome and that you aren’t rude or cause any distress to the receiver.

Prank Calls – Don’t Ge Yourself Into Trouble

With that, let’s have a look at some of the ways this practical joke could possibly get you into trouble and/or arrested:

  • HARASSMENT. When prank calling, you should know where to draw the line between being funny and causing harassing, unlawful prank calls. Generally, it may not be illegal to phone somebody late at night only to say something senseless or stupid. But, if you begin to call multiple times in a day, or make aggressive and threatening statements, then you might be in violation of the law.
  • DISORDERLY CONDUCT. In numerous states, disorderly conduct involves the use of abusive, rude or offensive language that is intentional in order to provoke or stir anger and ire in others. In terms of prank calls, they can constitute to disorderly conduct. Just like harassment, the phone call usually has to be more serious, such as verbal abuse as well as other belittling conduct, than a simple senseless practical joke.
  • WIRETAPPING. In numerous sates, it is unlawful to make a recording of any phone conversations especially if no consent is given by the other party. However, many people, teens in particular, aren’t aware of this that they record the prank call to hopefully record some funny conversation and be able to share it with other people. It is important to know that recording any phone conversation may tantamount to a felony.

Bottom Line

Prank calls can be funny. However, make certain that you know your limitations when making a prank call so as not to cause others distress, harm or anger as well as not get yourself into trouble with law or be arrested.