Pokemon Game Is Like Democracy

As one of the locals who moved by their own will, they showed their political intention by “voting by foot (movement)” from rural areas to urban areas, which cannot be changed by “voting by hand (election)”. I think it can be said that there is. I think that the influx of young people into urban areas is itself a voting behavior. In that sense, I feel that there is room for consideration as a system that gives suffrage in the local politics of the place of origin to people from rural areas who have moved to urban areas to support change. Tax reduction is one of the main themes of the Freedom and People’s Rights Movement because the tax is the number one pipe connecting politics and voters. What’s more, we must also note that we use our wealth ourselves rather than surrendering it to the government as a tax. But unfortunately, it is now obligatory to pay taxes, and it is a straightforward idea to discuss only how to use it, or to raise taxes because there is not enough money.

In Japan, there is something called an organization vote, and I think that many people generally recognize it as something bad, but they have a very deep understanding of democracy. In other words, we are making good use of democracy. Make good use of it, organize it, collect votes, and win the election like ‘Pokemon Fire Red cheats’. And you reflect your political will in politics. I think that understanding democracy and interest in politics are different. So in that sense, the current system may not fit the current values. So I think it’s important to change the election system. I think the reason why silent majority occurs is that the system is not suitable. The important thing is to make an effort to create a system that reflects the intentions of the silent majority people in the policy. I think it’s okay to go beyond the framework of the current system and think like, “Then, why don’t you try to create a new Diet?”

Politicians are the same as Pokemon, and if the level of voters who are trainers is low, the level of Pokemon will not rise and they will not listen. If you want to control politicians, you have to get stronger voters. I think this is an important structure of democracy. And what I want to convey most in this analogy is that, like Pokemon, “you have to grow up with love.” I think this story is the original model of democracy, but in Japan, it’s more like Yo-Kai Watch. Youkai can only be seen by those who have a watch. In other words, there are many people who cannot see it. So, youkai don’t listen to what they say once in a while. It’s more like a friend than a master-slave. Rather, youkai are better than youkai. What’s more, you play pranks on people other than the ones you can see. I think this is close to the relationship between politicians and voters in Japan. I think Japan should also be a Pokemon type.

Also, Pokemon has various attributes. It’s this. If this is all a Charmander, the game won’t work. It’s interesting because it’s diverse, and it’s interesting because there are strong and weak ones. Diversity is important in a democracy, and it is correct to fight and raise the level.