Political fashion: Fabulous Dou

Do you wonder what politics and fashion have to do with each other? Much more than you think! You can use an internet downloader for videos you want to see regarding fashion and politics.

Politics and fashion: now it’s getting colorful!

When politics find their way into fashion, things usually get colorful: a red T-shirt with the portrait of Che Guevara printed on it. The green-yellow-red wrist warmer for a hat with a hemp leaf and around her neck a pink Palestinian scarf. Fashion and politics make a fabulous duo.

Fashion in politics

At first glance, the two terms politics and fashion seem to have nothing to do with each other. But far from it! Angela Merkel gets the right outfit for every appearance with good reason, and the scarf with the black diced pattern around our neck is originally much more than just stylish. However, many are no longer at all aware of the meaning of their clothing and all the symbols that you carry around on and with you. However, this has not always been the case.

Fashion and Politics in History

Empress Eugénie de Montijo, for example, France’s last monarch, knew very well how important and, above all, what influence the clothes she had worn on politics. “Mes robes politiques” is what Eugénie called the silk dresses she used to advertise Lyon’s silk industry. And again in France, this time at the time of the First French Revolution, a headgear achieved political fame: the bright red Jacobin cap. Those who wore them clearly demonstrated that they belonged to those radical freedom fighters who forced the king to put on the red cap on June 20, 1792.

In the last few decades, fashion has become mostly political when people think of their wanting to express protest against something or someone or their membership in a certain group. Che Guevara’s portrait, which adorns countless T-shirts, was once the symbol of leftist independence and liberation movements.

Political Fashion: A Cultural Phenomenon

In recent years, the once explosive duo of fashion and politics has become a thoroughly cultural phenomenon that addresses your need for individuality as well as togetherness and identification.

The common interest in a certain genre of music, which in turn affects your style, unites you on the one hand and lets you believe in your own individuality on the other.