Some Important Tips When Planning to Acquire a German Shepherd as a Family Pet

Raising German Shepherds may be easy but dog experts say the best treats for german-shepherd-puppies are breed-specific dog food since formulations are bespoke. Additionally, dog experts also recommend that when planning to acquire a GSD as a family pet, it’s best to adopt a German shepherd puppy. That way, GSD pet parents can have ample time to train and care for them, to make them suitable as a family pet aside from acting as a fierce guard against unknown intruders.

Feeding them with GSD breed-specific brands means the manufacturers focus on providing nutritional values that will ensure the wellbeing and robustness of this particular dog breed.

What Makes a German Shepherd Dog Ideal as an Animal Companion?

German Shepherds are highly rated in terms of intelligence and trainability while also highly rated for various affection aspects such as kid-friendliness and playfulness. Yet having a medium level energy requirement equates to maintaining a high level of exercise to ensure a GSD’s healthy disposition and well being.

Historically, the origins of German shepherd dogs as human- friendly species can be traced back to when they were developed from cross breeds of farm and old shepherd dogs. The Shiloh shepherd dogs are considered the best cross breeding agents as they produce king shepherds. The German shepherd dogs that family’s care for today are actually first introduced as companions and servants hundreds of years ago.

In having a mindset to choose a German Shepherd dog (GSD) because you think caring for this breed seems easy, it’s important to make sure you’ll be able to provide all its basic and nutritional needs. That includes devoting time to train the dog, to regularly groom it and bring it to a vet for constant check-ups.

Many families, specifically those with active households, consider German Shepherds as the best breed that generally meet their lifestyle. Given the proper training and development of socialization skills, a GSD can be a very gentle pet yet at the same time, act as a fiercee family protector. Even for families with young children, the protective demeanor and intelligence of a properly trained GSD makes it a good choice as a household pet.

German Shepherds are in fact one of the most popular breeds in the US because of their ability to be great family companions. Such abilities include having a strong work ethic in showing their love for people who care for them. However, GSDs tend to be cautious and conscious around strangers or new faces since they thrive on the care and attention given by their family.

As this animal breed needs to feel safe around humans and other animals, GSDs can be trained to perform various jobs aimed at serving humans, such as being a seeing-eye companion, search-and-rescue operator. They can also be excellent providers of support in carrying out police work by using its ability to detect contraband objects like bombs and drugs just by sniffing.

In light of the ease of training GSDs to perform family-friendly acts, this breed is also popular as entertainers in live stage and filmed presentations.

However, they are not recommended to households in which a GSD pet is left alone most of the time. Although German Shepherds are a hard working lot, they require a lot of care, training and attention if owners expect to be rewarded with their strong sense of love and loyalty as animal companions. This dog breed thrives on attention and mutual support. Otherwise, an environment depriving them of those factors can cause pet anxiety that results in annoying and destructive behaviors.